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You've found the home, your offer has been agreed on, and funding is ready. But before you start packing, be sure you engage a skilled home inspector to make sure your house doesn't have any big defects that could cost you down the road.

A home inspection normally includes an evaluation of heating and central air conditioning systems, inside plumbing, electrical systems, the roofing, attic, visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, foundations, and basements. Inspections may also consist of appliances and exterior plumbing.

After the inspector examines the house, he or she will write up a report with conclusions. If there are any big problems, you should make a deal with the seller to either reduce the sale amount of the house, or decide

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Fixed Rate Mortgages and Adjustable Rate Mortgages are the two most common mortgage rates.  Following are the differences between the two mortgages:

 Fixed Rate Mortgages allow a borrower to know what all future monthly payments will be. The interest rate is fixed; therefore, the borrower will pay the same monthly payment through the entire term of the Fixed Rate Mortgage.  No matter what happens with interest rates, your payments won't change if using a Fixed Rate Mortgage.

 There are two main types of Fixed Rate Mortgages: 30-Year and 15-Year.  There are other types of Fixed Rate Mortgages (such as 10- or 20-Year), but they are not used as often as the 15-or 30 Year Mortgages.

With a Fixed Rate Mortgage, a borrower typically has a higher monthly

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Moving is a regular part of our lives.  Whether you are a veteran at moving or this is your first time, it is important to consider the effects of moving on children.

Talk With Your Children

The most important thing to do is talk with your children about the move.  Let them know why you are moving and how they can play a part in the move.  If possible, take them to see the home before you move.  If that is not possible, take photos to let them know what their new home will look like.

Listen to their feelings about the move, even if they are negative emotions.  Watch for signs of moodiness, withdrawal or tantrums as the moving day gets closer.  Oftentimes, the child will not totally understand why they are experiencing these emotions. Even if the

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1.  Check with a friend, relative or real estate agent to get a referral for a lender or mortgage broker.

2.  You will need to provide the following to your lender, so be prepared ahead of time:  gross monthly income and total monthly payments (car payments, credit card minimum payments, child support payments, and any additional payments you have to make on a monthly basis).

3.  Your income will then be compared to your debts in order to find your "debt-to-income" ratio.

4.  Allow your lender to run a credit report on you.  A low credit score is 640.  The higher your credit score and other positive factors should get you a better interest rate.

5.  Get a prequalification letter from your lender.  Please

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It's my pleasure to introduce Alexander Chandler Realty and offer our services to you. As the real estate representatives for your neighborhood, we've had the opportunity to help many homebuyers find their ideal homes.

Buying a new home is one of the largest financial transactions that most people ever undertake. Because the process can be lengthy and sometimes confusing, I want you to know that we will be here to help you through every step. Our goal is to help you find the home of your dreams and also make your home buying experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Alexander Chandler Realty has the most advanced buyer oriented website available.  It has been nationally recognized by

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In Texas, the market has not suffered like many other areas throughout the United States.  Fort Worth has "held its own" and is continuing to grow in population.  The year 2010 has brought economic challenges for many; however, the low mortgage interest rates and stablilization of sales and prices have allowed many people to purchase a home.  Not only have the interest rates remained low, the government enacted home buyer tax credits that could be used in the first half of 2010, which led to more buyers in the market.  Buyers also have the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) that creates a significant tax savings for many and enables consumers to save more toward their future.

2011 is fast approaching and most people still strive to own their dream home. 

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The buzz is out there.  Texas, for six years in a row, has surpassed every state and is the #1 relocation destination, according to Allied Van Lines 43rd Annual Magnet States Report.  This report computes inbound moves minus the outbound moves in each state.  Texas had the highest net relocation gain of all the states.  Following Texas was Colorado (2nd), then Florida (3rd) and South Carolina (4th).  Michigan had the largest outbound moves.

This report exemplifies the strong desire of people wanting to make Texas their place to call home.  Texas not only has the great warm weather that many desire, but many of the larger cities have plenty of activities and culture to draw people to the area.

If you'd like to find out more about homes in Fort Worth,

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