March 2011

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Are you thinking about purchasing your first home but are not sure if you can qualify for a loan?  Are you thinking about renting instead of buying a first home?  The Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation has announced a new, lower mortgage interest rate of 4.99%, which is effective on all of their first-time home buyer programs.  They are also offering a 3% grant to help with the downpayment and closing costs.  So before making a decision, it would be beneficial to look into this program and what it has to offer you.

To find out more about these loans and to see if you qualify, call one of our agents today at 817-806-4100, or go to  You can also visit the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation's

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One of the hardest items for a home buyer to do is to basically choose the best house. Far too frequently impluse choices interfere with the "best decision." Being able to take a step back and really ponder whether this is the best-suited house for you can be challenging. Is the property you have fallen in love with actually the best house for your desires and way of life? We have put together a list of things to support you to look past those staging methods and other cosmetic items that can unproportionally affect your decision.

Looking for a house can be a lot of fun, especially when many appealing homes are on the market. But before you make an offer on the one that's captured your affections you will need to evaluate the home against some different

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