May 2011

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Are you thinking of relocating to the Fort Worth area?  It’s my pleasure to introduce Alexander Chandler Realty and offer our services to you.  As relocation representatives, we’ve had the opportunity to help ease the transition for new homebuyers transferring to a new location and find their ideal homes.  We look forward to working with you too!

Moving to a new area can be a very emotional time for a transferee, and buying a new home can be one of the largest financial transactions that people undertake.  Because both processes can be lengthy and sometimes confusing, I want you to know that we will be here to help you through every step.  Our goal is to help make your home moving experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Alexander Chandler Realty

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2011 Mayfest was a success due to this year's unusually great weather and record attendance.  Alexander Chandler Realty enjoyed being a part of this annual event by sponsoring a booth.  Many of our agents, including Pamela Nelon (in the photo), volunteered their time to work, and fun was had by all!  Mayfest is a great experience for everyone, and we plan to be part of that experience at the next annual event.


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Alexander Chandler Realty has moved its office to 6336 Camp Bowie Boulevard, at the corner of Ridglea Avenue.  Please stop by if you have any questions regarding buying or selling a home, our give one of our experienced agents a call at 817-806-4100.  We are here to assist you in any way we can to make your home buying/selling experience easy and exciting.

For more information about Fort Worth Homes/Fort Worth Real Estate, go to

We look forwarding to working with you!

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Michael Collins, Senior Loan Officer with Starkey Mortgage, has 10 Do's and Dont's when preparing to apply for a home loan.

1.  DON'T apply for new credit of any kind!

2.  DON'T close credit card accounts!

3.  DON'T max out or overcharge existing credit cards!

4.  DON'T consolidate debt to one or two cards!

5.  DON'T change or quit your current job!

6.  DON'T make any large deposits into your checking/savings account!

7.  DON'T make any large purchases!

8.  DON'T co-sign for any loans!

9.  DO stay current on existing accounts!

10. DO call Michael Collins, your loan officer -- he's there to help you!  (214-282-6233)

To purchase a Fort Worth home/real estate, contact one of Alexander Chandler Realty's agents at 817-806-4100.  You'll

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With mortgages becoming harder to obtain because of low credit scores, fewer people are able to purchase a home.  If you’re one of those people but would like to buy a Fort Worth home, read the following.  Michael Collins with Starkey Mortgage in Fort Worth has some great tips for increasing your credit score.

  1.  Look for any past due balances on the credit report and bring them current.

  2. Reduce your outstanding debt to as close to a zero balance as possible.  If you are unable to pay your debt down, evenly distribute any remaining debt among open credit cards, or consider opening a new line and transferring some of the balances.  Try to keep balances below 50% of available credit; below 30% would be even better.  Do not close existing accounts.
  3. If
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