June 2011

Found 2 blog entries for June 2011.

Following are just a few of the testimonials received from clients.  We're very proud of our agents because of the service and commitment they provide to their clients:

You are the best marketing broker I have ever seen.    

- Kathy R.

Given all that you do for your clients, customers and to market yourself, I believe you have evolved from the Listing King to the Marketing King.     

- Alan Dalton, former CEO Realtor.com

Working with Alexander Chandler Realty made selling my home such a good experience!  Alex and his team were always helpful and professional.  I'm certain my property wouldn't have sold as quickly as it did, were it not for all their hard work and savvy marketing.  I would definitely recommend them!     

- Dorothy W.

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Texas has much to offer its residents, especially during the economic downturn the nation is experiencing.  Following are a few statistics which support why Texas is a great place to live:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston continue to lead the nation’s largest metropolitan areas in new jobs and the rate of job growth.  The job growth rate here is 1.8% greater than the national average, and the population continues to grow. 

The April unemployment rate in the Fort Worth-Arlington area was 1.4% lower than the national average.

The Texas residential mortgage foreclosure rates continue to fall.  During the first quarter of 2011, the Texas rate was 2.63% lower than the national average.  According to the

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