July 2019

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Some may find these homes a bit much and while that may be true you have to appreciate the detail and the beauty that goes into some of these mega mansions. Today we are going on a little trip down the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex's most beautifully well-designed houses that are listed on the market currently. Let's take a look:


1. 10711 Strait Lane

10711 Strait Lane, Dallas TX

This colossal southern castle is designed by the wonderful Robbie Fusch and it is located on one Dallas' most prestigious streets. Sitting on a whopping 4.36 acres, it encloses 10 bedrooms, 17 full bathrooms and 5 half bathrooms (yep, you read that right.), 12 fireplaces for the 4 brutal months that we have of cold weather, 9 living room areas for all of your entertainment that you host, 3 dining

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