November 2019

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The Sundance Square Christmas Tree Lighting

                It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We are so excited for the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Sundance Square festival. One of Fort Worth’s biggest events of the year, the feel of the atmosphere on Sundance Square is amazing. They have Christmas music playing and they also have a ton of vendors that you can buy food, Christmas decorations, and much more!


                We do recommend that you get there about an hour early because when we say it will be packed we aren’t kidding. But no worries. There are plenty of family/kid friendly things to do. If you have any questions about it then you can definitely check out all of the day’s festivities online or on their Facebook

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What You Need to Know Before Moving


                The most important piece of advice that we can give is start as early as possible! We don’t mean for you to start packing early. All we mean is for you to start even with a check list or buying boxes just to prepare. In this week’s blog we go over everything that you need to know from eight weeks away to the week you move.


8 Weeks Out

This is what we like to call the “Prep Stage”. If you are anything like an organizer then get ready for your socks to get rocked.

  1.        We recommend that you create a moving file for this. This moving file will store all of your receipts for movers, title information on your new home, etc.
  2.        Get estimates from movers! If you are having
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                Some of the DFW’s most prestigious homes are sat right on this street. It housed some of our local celebrities like H. Ross Perot who ran for an independent presidential campaign in 1992 against President Bush and presumptive Democratic Nominee Bill Clinton, Phil Romano who founded the restaurant chains of Fuddruckers and Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and Andrew Beal who founded Beal Bank and Beal Bank USA.

                This street puts the mansion in #MansionMonday with houses that have their own private lakes, basketball courts and even private waterparks. Today you will get to see the mansions that preoccupy that which is called Strait Lane.


  1.        10711 Strait Lane Dallas, TX 75229

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Rent Vs. Buy




  A lot of people understand the main concept of why they should buy rather than rent. The main reason? IT MAKES THE LANDLORD RICHER! Here, we highlight the main points that you should know before you make a decision on what your future holds.

                Of course, everyone should know that there are good and bad things about buying vs. renting. It depends on your situation and other factors that can vary depending on the current. Here, we highlight the key factors that will ultimately help you decide what should be the best decision for you.

                First, it should already be in your mind where you want to live. Whether it’s the big city or a small rural area, this all plays a major factor in the

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