December 2019

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In the past 20 years Texas has grown far greater than anyone had expected. Big-Name Companies from all over the United States and the rest of the world have made the massive move of building headquarters here in the DFW area. But can Texas sustain this massive influx of not just people moving her but also the companies that they work for? 


It's no secret about the reason that people are moving to DFW: the job market. In recent studies, the population is about 6.8 million and that is presumed to double over the next 5 years if the market continues to go at the pace that it is currently. With the influx of companies there is also an influx of the employees of said companies being relocated to the DFW Metroplex. Being the 7th largest metroplex in the

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First of all, there is only one con if you aren't a real estate agent yourself: YOU. DON'T. KNOW. WHAT. YOU'RE. DOING.

A lot of people nowadays can Youtube certain DIY projects from the safety of their bed without having to call a specialist but when it comes to selling your home? Or what about buying a home? If you aren't a realtor yourself or a lawyer then you probably have no clue where to start.

Did you know that using a realtor can actually save you money? There are a lot of systems out there that you most likely can't access without a realtor's insight. Did you also know that Texas is a non-disclosure state? Meaning that Zillow, and Trulia can't tell you what your home is worth accurately. 

Having a realtor by your side can

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  1.        Spotio

This app is used for marketing and it was developed by realtors for realtors. You can access property address and contacts to create beautiful Excel spreadsheets as well as convert anything to PDF.


  1.        RPR Mobile

This is a property search app which allows users to view market statistics, create your own branded reports and search for properties and more. This app is perfect for agents that are looking for distressed properties where the owners are unable to pay their mortgage and might want to cash out


  1.        Docusign

Of course, we all know what this one is for. If you want a fast and convenient way to send documents to your clients then getting this app is the best way to send documents to your

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