January 2020

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What Do I Do In The DFW Area?

So you’re new to the DFW area and it’s new all around. Wait you thought you were moving to either Fort Worth or Dallas? You didn’t know that there is more than 50 cities in the metroplex that you could possibly be placed in? Well, take a deep breath! We got your back on this one. With over 200 local bloggers about this metroplex we found the top links that will help you get to know your area a little bit more!


Looking for certain attractions that make you feel like a real local? Try this blog out! It is written by Michelle of the blog That Texas Couple and she goes over what city she feels like a local in, the places that she loves to eat at and what her favorite attractions are.

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In this first blog of the week, we are going to talk about some pretty crazy myths that YOU, a potential client, might believe. See how we enlighten the truth behind these myths.


  1.        Real Estate Agents Are Paid A Salary.

WRONG. Despite what the public thinks, most real estate agents actually own their own business even if they are sponsored by a broker. They are partners with the broker and that broker does not pay them a salary. It’s all commission!


That’s right, they get paid only by commission and manage to look professional, put on broker events and home buying events as well. They do this all for you!


And speaking of commission…


  1.        The Agent Keeps All of The Commission.

First of all, you

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The most recent addition to our Camp Bowie neighborhood is a lovely place that we share a building with called The Meat Board. We have been dying for it to open for the past two months and we are very impressed with the outcome.


When you first walk in, you are greeted by a very fresh, vibrant feel and by a genuine smile. You can order food after glancing at the menu when you first walk in or you can go right up to the counter and pick a signature steak to cook for you and your loved ones at home. Don’t know which steak you like? No worries, these gentlemen are here to help you decide which cut would be the perfect main course to your dinner. Oh, wait, you’re not wanting steak? That’s fine. You can have your choice of chicken or pork as

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This Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Alexander Chandler Realty is hosting a First Time Home Buyer Seminar. Are you not even sure where to begin when buying a home? How do you even put in a contract on a home? How much should you have saved up to put a down payment on a home? How do you get qualified?


All these questions going through your head and you don't even know where to start. Well, don't worry! ACR has your back with this seminar. Hosted by Service First Mortgage, this class will go over the home buying process from A-Z, How you need to get qualified, what your financing options are, preparing your for home ownership, your local market stats, explaining what an escrow is, the closing process and much more. 


Did we mention that

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