5 Top Apps That Every Real Estate Agent Needs

  1.        Spotio

This app is used for marketing and it was developed by realtors for realtors. You can access property address and contacts to create beautiful Excel spreadsheets as well as convert anything to PDF.


  1.        RPR Mobile

This is a property search app which allows users to view market statistics, create your own branded reports and search for properties and more. This app is perfect for agents that are looking for distressed properties where the owners are unable to pay their mortgage and might want to cash out


  1.        Docusign

Of course, we all know what this one is for. If you want a fast and convenient way to send documents to your clients then getting this app is the best way to send documents to your clients and the mobile app has no set amount of times that you can send a document and sign it.


  1.        Evernote

Ever wonder where you put that pad from that one title company so you can take notes while in the car? Well worry no more. This app allows you to keep track of notes with clients about their transactions and if you can’t find what you put in the app then it has a search bar where you can easily access the multiple notes that you will jot down.


  1.        Canva

This is another marketing app that you can use from any device that you have. You can make anything from a logo to flyers, mail-outs, etc. It even allows you to make social media posts that you can post from Canva to the social app of your choice!

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