Deck Addition: Return on Investment

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 Deck Addition: Return on Investment

By: John Riha

 Published: December 15, 2009

 A high return on investment makes a deck addition a worthwhile home improvement project.

 One of the reasons that a deck is such a good investment is because it increases living area at a minimal cost per square foot. The national average for new construction costs of a two-story, 2,000 sq. ft. home is about $85 per sq. ft, according to the National Association of Home Builders, However, the construction costs for a wood deck are less than $35 per sq. ft.

The return on your deck investment will vary according to the region in which you live. In the Pacific West, where construction costs are generally higher than other parts of the country, decks are more expensive to build. However, the return on investment is also higher than other regions. Part of the reason can be attributed to the fact that in many areas of the temperate Pacific West, the outdoor living season is virtually year-round, making a deck a solid investment.

 National average cost, 16x20 ft. deck, pressure-treated wood decking:

 Job Cost: $10,350
Resale Value: $7,259
Cost recoup: 70.1%

National average cost, 16x20 ft. deck, composite decking:

 Job Cost: $15,579
Resale Value: $9,780
Cost recoup: 62.8%

 Regional info:

 New England

Middle Atlantic

South Atlantic

East South Central

West South Central

East North Central

West North Central















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