Is Texas Equipped to Take In Other Companies?

In the past 20 years Texas has grown far greater than anyone had expected. Big-Name Companies from all over the United States and the rest of the world have made the massive move of building headquarters here in the DFW area. But can Texas sustain this massive influx of not just people moving her but also the companies that they work for? 


It's no secret about the reason that people are moving to DFW: the job market. In recent studies, the population is about 6.8 million and that is presumed to double over the next 5 years if the market continues to go at the pace that it is currently. With the influx of companies there is also an influx of the employees of said companies being relocated to the DFW Metroplex. Being the 7th largest metroplex in the United States, DFW is not equipped to handle the sudden increase in population should we see that in the next 5 years. With construction being conducted on every major highway in the Metroplex analysts believe that it won't be completed in time to handle the traffic that we see coming. 


So what does this mean for the housing market? We see that this is only going to increase buyers and decrease the number of houses on the market in the future. The time to buy is NOW and we aren't just saying that to get you to call us. Even with all the new construction homes being put up on the market, they won't last forever. So if you are looking to buy then you should call your lender or one of our agents to see what you can get approved for and what we can find for you. These houses won't last forever!

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