Strait Lane



                Some of the DFW’s most prestigious homes are sat right on this street. It housed some of our local celebrities like H. Ross Perot who ran for an independent presidential campaign in 1992 against President Bush and presumptive Democratic Nominee Bill Clinton, Phil Romano who founded the restaurant chains of Fuddruckers and Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and Andrew Beal who founded Beal Bank and Beal Bank USA.

                This street puts the mansion in #MansionMonday with houses that have their own private lakes, basketball courts and even private waterparks. Today you will get to see the mansions that preoccupy that which is called Strait Lane.


  1.        10711 Strait Lane Dallas, TX 75229

Sitting with its own tennis court, gymnastics room and not one but TWO basketball courts, this French mansion is situated on just under 5 acres. It has its own spa, a 10 car garage, bowling alley and a waterpark in its backyard this house has 8 bedrooms, 17 full bathrooms and, just in case they have a guest that really has to “go”,  5 half-baths.



  1.        10660 Strait Lane Dallas, TX 75229

Among these mansions is a 14,670 square foot home that is secluded enough to have its own private lake and jogging trail and for the special wine collectors – it features a wine cellar that hold up to 6,000 bottles. This bad boy was estimated at $17.5 million



  1.        10777 Strait Lane Dallas, TX 75229

This beauty is known as “The Dallas White House”. And if that isn’t impressive enough the home also has a “home” theatre that has enough space for 24 viewers, a bar room (you read that right) and a tennis court. The home also sits on 3.3 acres and features a full catering kitchen, a koi pond and over 200 trees. They must need some seclusion.



  1.        10210 Strait Lane Dallas, TX 75229

Now if the Tuscan look isn’t necessarily your style and you need something that is a bit more modern then we proudly present to you this elegant mansion that was built in 1964 by Philip Johnson who was an internationally renowned architect. Being feature in the most prominent magazines and newspapers such as Vogue and The New York Times. This home comes with the same amenities as the other homes on Strait Lane such as a tennis court, a pool and a separate media house. In 2002 the new buyer spent 6 years remodeling and modernizing the house. It’s currently for sale and you can contact one of our many agents for a showing!



  1.        10620 Strait Lane Dallas, TX 75229

Our Final Home features a Mediterranean style mansion. Designed by Richard Drummond Davis, this home sits on 12,938 square feet with two separate guest suites, 5 bedrooms and 6.5 baths. It includes various outdoor spaces as well.



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