The Top Ten Most Expensive Houses On The Market in DFW

Some may find these homes a bit much and while that may be true you have to appreciate the detail and the beauty that goes into some of these mega mansions. Today we are going on a little trip down the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex's most beautifully well-designed houses that are listed on the market currently. Let's take a look:


1. 10711 Strait Lane

10711 Strait Lane, Dallas TX

This colossal southern castle is designed by the wonderful Robbie Fusch and it is located on one Dallas' most prestigious streets. Sitting on a whopping 4.36 acres, it encloses 10 bedrooms, 17 full bathrooms and 5 half bathrooms (yep, you read that right.), 12 fireplaces for the 4 brutal months that we have of cold weather, 9 living room areas for all of your entertainment that you host, 3 dining rooms,  two basketball courts, and an outdoor pool that just so happens to be your very own water park! The three-story mansion makes up to 37,133 square feet and it all could be yours for $23,000,000. You can't beat that price, y'all.


2. 10210 Strait Lane, Dallas, TX

10210 Strait Lane


This home is every art-lover's dream. The monument-looking work of art is also located on good ol' Strait Lane, but unlike our massive friends down the street 10210 Strait Lane sits on a humble 6.5 acres that is just shy of 12,000 square feet. This modern home was featured in the New York Times and designed by the late Phillip Johnson in 1968 with some "sensitive" updates made in 2008. Johnson was a renowned American architect who graduated from the prestigious Harvard University and Harvard's School of Design. This masterpiece is truly one of a kind and, of course, never to be repeated. 


We are just drooling over the home's double staircase that greets guests when they first walk in. The windows gives the owner the open concept and makes you feel like you are in a mansion in the middle of a forest.

The home is compatible with smart devices making it to where the owner can control everything from the touch of their phone. But how would anyone want to be on their phone when they have this beautiful view. We're dying to get cozy up by this fireplace come winter!

We don't even know anyone with this many books but if this was your library wouldn't you want to make sure that it's stocked? There is mid-century modern screaming in this gorgeous home.

Party for 16?

#stainlessteel Cleaning this 21-foot-long wouldn't be the easiest but, let's be honest here, we all need this storage for our Tubber Ware containers. 

Let us just have a moment of silent for all the nights that we won't get to sleep on this gorgeous bed...


3. 3509 Euclid Avenue, Highland Park, TX

Now if you are one of those people that LOVE to entertain then we have a home that you can put on your inspirational board. This beauty sits in Highland Park which is one of the most prestigious and oldest neighborhoods in Dallas. This home was built in 2012 and was also designed by architect Robbie Fusch who also designed 10711 Strait Lane, built by John Sebastian and the landscape designed by landscape architect Harold Leidner. 

This three-story massive beast of a house sits at 18,100 square feet and has 7 bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms, 5 half bathrooms, 12 garage spaces, a pool and a whopping 11 fireplaces. It includes an elevator, workout room, built-in wine cooler, and a full outdoor entertainment setup. 

Why go to the office when you can just  have your business meetings here?

This is just one of the homes 3 living areas.

This living area is located in the master suite. Did you read that right? You get your very own living room people!

Okay, wow. Can I have this closet?

Oh and did we mention that the closets are accessed through your own bathroom? That's right. You and your partner not only have your own closets but also your own bathrooms. I think we all need our alone time in the bathroom in the mornings whether you have a partner or not. 

You may have to pay an arm and a leg for this house but, hey, that gym membership you pay for every month? FORGET ABOUT IT! And you get a view of your amazing pool while your pumpin' that iron. 

Every entertainer's dream...everyone's dream really. 

4. 4224 Armstrong Parkway, Highland Park, TX

This beautiful home was rebuilt from the original plans that were created by the famous Hal Thomson. Thomson, who concentrated mostly on designing homes for three streets in Dallas, was a major factor in bringing European-style architecture to the Dallas area in the 1920's. This 11,459 square foot home feels like you're taking a nice walk into the past. The home is modern in some ways and warm and inviting in others. Truly a unique piece to Dallas history. 

Did we mention that the tiles are imported from Italy, Portugal and Mexico? Yeah they went there. 

Of course, you have to make sure that your kitchen is upgraded with stainless steel appliances. And that die for!

A nice open bathroom. You'd be right awake when it's time to get ready for work walking into this beauty. Oh and they have heated floors that are perfect for those winter nights. 

A detached garage that also has a living quarters above it. Wait until you see the adorable kitchen that looks like it was taken right out of the 1920's

Classically put, this home is perfect for the history buff. It truly is a gorgeous blast-from-the-past.


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