The Best Of Free Activities In Fort Worth

As with most things in life, the most valuable and meaningful experiences are those spent with the ones you love, creating memories to cherish for the rest of your life. Those most cherished memories are often the ones that don't cost you anything at all. Let's take a look at all the options that Fort Worth, TX can offer you in creating some timeless memories, minus the price tag. Here are the Top 10 things to do in Fort Worth that won't cost you a dime, perfect for long-time residents and visitors alike.

#10 - Monnig Meteorite Gallery

Come check out the long, storied history of the Cosmos. Named for long-time Fort Worth resident and businessman, Oscar Monnig. This gallery is made up of his own personal collection donated to the Texas Christian University after his death in 1999, with the best 10 percent on permanent display. This exhibit gives you the chance to hold an artifact that is truly out of this world!

#9 - Fire Station #1 Museum

The site of the original city hall, Fort Worth's very first fire station has now been converted into a museum. From within, you can trace the 150-year history of this town back to its beginning as a fort set up during the Mexican-American War through to its heyday as a cattle town in the old west.

#8 - Trinity Park

Encompassing approximately 40 miles of pristine trails along the Trinity river, Trinity Park is the perfect breathe of fresh air, located just 15 minutes from the center of the city. The trails are ideal for hiking and biking, and the park also contains several playgrounds for the kids. In the summer, live events and plays are hosted in the park.

#7 - Bureau of Engraving and Printing

This is one of only two facilities in the entire United States charged with printing our currency. Admission is free and the self-guided tour is an enlightening look into how money is designed, engraved and printed. Located in northern Fort Worth, it's definitely worth a look - but samples are not provided.

#6 - Kimbell Art Museum

The museum is renowned for its art collection featuring paintings from local and internationally renowned artists. Admission to the museum's permanent exhibits are always free but the building itself is also a wonder of modern architecture and a walk through the attached pavilion offers a gorgeous escape as well.

#5 - Leonard's Department Store Museum

Originally founded in 1918, the department store was the place to shop in Fort Worth in the years after it was founded. The crowds became so large at one point that the store would construct the only privately-owned subway connecting a nearby parking lot. The museum contains memorabilia and many of the items sold at the store over the years.

#4 - Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

The site of the oldest botanical garden in Texas, the Fort Worth Botanical gardens offers 110-acres of breathtaking native and exotic plants nestled in the Cultural District. Take a stroll through the Texas Native Forest Boardwalk and take a deep breath of fresh air in this gorgeous setting.

#3 - Sundance Square

The historic center of Fort Worth features a plethora of restaurants and cafes for you to enjoy but you can also simply enjoy the historic setting including several landmarks such as the Flat iron building, modeled after the one in New York City and other architectural marvels, and of course the people watching! Sit back and relax as tourists and locals flock to Fort Worth's entertainment and social hub.

#2 - Fort Worth Water Gardens

This is the unique opportunity to relax and escape the blazing Texas sun. Located right next to the Fort Worth conference center downtown, the Water Gardens is a water park and art installation all in on, described as a "cooling oasis in the concrete jungle." Come chill after a hard day at work or play!

#1 - Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District

A throwback to its beginnings as a Wild West cattle town, the stockyards district is a beautiful and fun way to experience Fort Worth as it once was. Featuring plenty of period architecture, music and even a cattle stampede, with real cowboys and cattle herded right down the middle of the street. Experience life as a cattleman for the afternoon.

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