What You Need to Know Before Moving

What You Need to Know Before Moving


                The most important piece of advice that we can give is start as early as possible! We don’t mean for you to start packing early. All we mean is for you to start even with a check list or buying boxes just to prepare. In this week’s blog we go over everything that you need to know from eight weeks away to the week you move.


8 Weeks Out

This is what we like to call the “Prep Stage”. If you are anything like an organizer then get ready for your socks to get rocked.

  1.        We recommend that you create a moving file for this. This moving file will store all of your receipts for movers, title information on your new home, etc.
  2.        Get estimates from movers! If you are having trouble finding one then we recommend that you call one of our many agents because your local realtor will definitely have someone that they can share their contact information to.
  3.        Budget! But be realistic. We want you to be prepared as much as possible. Save for the day that the movers come and even the gas that it takes your car to transport your belongings into your new home.
  4.        READ YOUR CONTRACTS! Whether it’s from the movers or the title company. Don’t let yourself get intimidated.
  5.        Request time off from your job. It’s best to do on a Friday so that you can have the whole weekend off as well without dipping into that PTO.
  6.        If you’ve got little ones then request transcripts for your kids from their old school. No matter where you move a transcript is required for your kid(s) to move schools.
  7.        To make things easier, we recommend donating anything that you might not use or you could always have a garage or yard sale and try and add to your moving budget!
  8.        This is why reading contracts is very important: You want to make sure that the movers you hire can move ALL of your furniture before you sign that contract and not only that you also want to make sure that you are hiring licensed and insured movers. You can always verify their Department of Transportation Number.


6 Weeks Out

This is the time that you want to make sure your belongings and your life is organized. Seeing family and friends before you move out of state is very important and if you continue reading our check list than you will have plenty of time to see them and to make sure that your belongings are all going to make it to your destination.

  1.        Have some fun and do a game night with friends and family. Or do a low-key dinner party.
  2.        Get those boxes!!! You can either buy them or if you’re wanting to save a few bucks then you can head to your local book store and ask the employees if they have any that they’d be willing to part with.
  3.        Start packing one room at a time. Allow a few boxes per room. Pack all the things that you aren’t using or won’t use from now until the time that you move. And don’t forget to label your boxes and mark the boxes that are fragile so your movers (or you) know to be careful with that particular box.
  4.        If it helps, then make a list in your file on which box your valuable items are in. Trust on this, you might even thank us later.
  5.        Plastic Sandwich Bags are essential. If you have a cord to an electronic that you most likely will forget where it goes then put it in a baggy and label it. Same goes with hardware whenever you disassemble furniture.
  6.        Out of packing cushion? Use dish rags or old t-shirts!
  7.        Moving into an apartment or lease house? Check with the leasing office or landlord to make sure that there are no moving day requirements.
  8.        Moving states or across the country? Get your vehicle serviced. Even if you think that your car will be fine just double check for us. You may thank us for this as well.
  9.        Check into the community that you will be moving into. You might discover a favorite restaurant or brunch spot.
  10.    Pack a little bit of your belongings everyday! Don’t be that person that is rushing to pack last minute.


4 Weeks Out

Wow, one month away from moving! You’re excited and also a little nervous at the same time but don’t worry, if you have followed all the steps up until this point then this move should be easy-breezy-lemon-squeezy.

  1.        Just to make sure, you will want to purchase moving insurance especially if you’re making an out of state move or moving across the country.
  2.        You’ll want to make sure that when your movers arrive at your new pad that they will have no problem with their truck(s) so check for permits that might required or parking spaces specifically for movers.
  3.        Use or donate items that you can’t sell or pack.
  4.        Make sure that you have files that are packed together and have been put into one place such as financial and legal documents, any kind of medical records and travel with your Social Security Card(s), Birth Certificate(s) and other identification so you know that you always have it.
  5.        Find a landscaper, pool guy, etc. for your new home so that’s one less thing you have to think about while unpacking in your new home.
  6.        Pick up your clothes from the dry cleaner’s!
  7.        If you are moving out of town then you should find all your doctor’s in advance in your new area.
  8.        Moving long distance? Plan your route and book your hotels now!
  9.        Transfer your cable and internet to your new place by setting up those installation appointments!
  10.    Make sure that your fur-babies have all of their tags up to date and make sure that they have their vet records for their new vet.


2 Weeks Out

Two. Weeks. You feel like time is flying by and that you’re running out of time. But no worries, you got the movers scheduled, dry cleaning picked up and the hotels booked on the way to your new place.

  1.        Remember that file that we told you to create? Well make sure you’re keeping it updated with any receipts that you use for your move so that you can deduct it from your taxes.
  2.        Recycle your chemical products that are flammable or poisonous.
  3.        Prepare two weeks’ worth of meals so that you can pack all of the food that you will need at your new place. Don’t forget to put all of your perishable items in a cooler that will last awhile.
  4.        Back up your phone(s), laptop(s) and other electronic devices.
  5.        Remove all those light bulbs from all the lamps you plan to move.
  6.        Fill your prescriptions
  7.        Prepare a list of emergency service technicians and preferred providers. You never know when you might hit a spot where you get no service!
  8.        Change your address with loan providers, banks and the proper department at your current job. Order new checks!
  9.        Cancel memberships to your former gym or anywhere else that you formerly had a membership to.
  10.    Update your address for any subscriptions that you might have with a newspaper or a magazine.
  11.    Transfer all utilities so that the next person who lives there won’t be getting free utilities.
  12.    Update your driver’s license
  13.    Update your address with Amazon and any other place you get packages from.
  14.    Change your address for you insurance and car registration.
  15.    Clean your outdoor furniture before it’s moved.
  16.    Transfer your prescriptions to a new pharmacy.


The Week You Move

Okay, breathe, you are almost there. Time to make moving day stress free!

  1.        Donate your old food if you aren’t planning on taking it with you.
  2.        Have any packages that are coming in after you move out? Redirect them to your new address!
  3.        Don’t be rude and clean your current home for the next resident. Especially when you are about to close on your old home you don’t want any animosity for the buyer.
  4.        Unplug your fridge/freezer so that it can defrost the night before and put a towel down in case it leaks!
  5.        Drain any water lines in your house!
  6.        Empty any oil or gas from grills, lawn mowers, etc.
  7.        Just to be extra nice you could leave a note for the new resident(s)
  8.        Double check cabinets, closets and even in the corners! You never know what you might have forgotten.
  9.        Watch the weather for your travelling so you can be prepared for it or you can reschedule the movers!

Moving Day

  1.        Set an alarm to get up in time!
  2.        Your movers worked very hard so make sure that you tip them!
  3.        When the movers leave, make your bed and unpack your shower curtain and toiletries.
  4.        Get to know your neighbors!
  5.        Go to the grocery store because you probably don’t have any food.
  6.        Thank your real estate agent J

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